Protection policy of Personal Data

Mazrica Co., Ltd. (“Mazrica”, “we”, “us” and “our”) complies with laws and regulations regarding personal data protection and other norms, and ensures the protection, management, operation and use of personal data based on the following policies.

1 – Compliance with laws and regulations

We will comply with laws and regulations regarding the handling of personal data, guidelines established by the country(Japan) and other norms.

2 – Management of Personal Data

We appoint a manager of personal data, and establish and strictly control a system against unauthorized use, loss, destruction, falsification and leakage of personal data.

3 – Personal Data We Collect/How We Use Personal Data

We will acquire, use and provide personal data in consideration of our business content and size.

Personal data is acquired after specifying the purpose of use, and it will not be handled beyond the range necessary to achieve the purpose of use specified. In addition, we will take measures to avoid handling that exceeds the purpose of use.

Personal data will be used within the scope of the purpose of use, as well as for the following purposes.

(1)Purpose of use for each service provided by our company

1)Sales of system products and incidental services

  1. Conduct in-house registration work based on sales contract.
  2. Provide explanations, meetings and training on system introduction.
  3. Conduct delivery of system products.
  4. Follow sales and maintain products.
  5. Communication such as telephone communication, fax transmission and e-mail transmission regarding the sales contract in general.
  6. Send an introduction of new product development by direct mail.
  7. To respond to inquiries by telephone.

2)Customer service on the web

  1. Download and distribute materials in response to material requests.
  2. Reply to the inquiry by mail form.

3)Providing services for tools on the web

  1. Inform the users of the service of the information necessary to start using the service.
  2. Manage the status of users, such as the number of service usages and the usage status of marketing tools.
  3. Send an e-mail about advance notice when service is temporarily suspended due to maintenance inspection of web server, or notification when web server becomes technical failure and service can not be provided.

4 – Disclosure and provision of Personal Data

Although we may outsource the work of handling personal data to the extent necessary for the purpose of use in Article 3, we will conclude a confidentiality agreement with the outsourcee in advance,
We provide only the information necessary to carry out the purpose of the outsourcing business, and strictly manage personal data.

Others We do not disclose or provide data to third parties except in the case where the customer consents or in accordance with the law.

5 – Continuous improvement of Personal Data protection management system and system

We will continuously improve the management system and system for personal data protection.

6 – Security measures and use of cookies

Our website uses cookies to improve the user’s operability and collect browsing history information, etc.

Cookies are functions that allow the web server to temporarily write and save data on the user’s computer.

7 – Revised Personal Data protection policy

If we revise our personal data protection policy, we will promptly announce the revised content on our website etc.

8 – Inquiry, correction, deletion of Personal Data and inquiry window

If you would like to inquire, correct or delete personal data, please contact the right.